Zafin announces Michael Nitsopoulos as Chief Product Officer

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Get started quickly

Our Fast Track Framework brings our teams together. Our experts work with yours to shape a roadmap together based on:

Business priorities

We explore business needs in one or more of: product management, dynamic relationship pricing, quote to cash, bundling and subscriptions

Technology priorities

We explore technology priorities in: ecosystem simplification, platform modernization and cloud adoption

Zafin Platform

We deliver a Zafin Platform overview and Product demonstration, specific to your priorities and areas of focus

Roadmap planning

An actionable and shared roadmap we produce, delivering to business and technology priorities

Implementation delivery

Enterprise Framework for Delivery

Eight steps to success powered by pre-built templates and checklists

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Designed for ease of implementation and ecosystem flexibility:


Zafin exposes a complete set of APIs for products, rates, fees and offers, plus explainability on why a particular rate or fee was assessed.​

Pre-built adapters

The Zafin integration library includes pre-built adapters to core banking systems and channel applications.

Core banking data is ingested into the Zafin platform, and product, pricing and offer outcomes are returned to core systems for posting and display in channel applications.

1    final String url = "https://server/zrpe/rs/rates/v2/timedeposit/standardrate"
3    final RPEServiceRequest rpeServiceRequest = new RPEServiceRequest();
4    rpeServiceRequest.setEffectiveDate(effectiveDate);
5    rpeServiceRequest.setProductCode(productCode);
6    rpeServiceRequest.setRateRegion(rateRegion);
7    finalString body = objectMapper.writeValueAsString(rpeServiceRequest);
9    final HttpRequest request = HttpRequest.newBuilder()
10   .uri(URI.create(url))
11   .header("Content-Type", "application/json")
12   .header("Authorization", "Bearer " + authToken)
13   .POST(HttpRequest.BodyPublishers.ofString(body))
14   .build();
15   final HttpResponse response = HttpClient.newHttpClient();
16   .send(request, HttpResponse.BodyHandlers.ofString());
17   return response;


ZafinUniversity enables customers and partners to tap into the power of Zafin’s solutions


Engaging, short-form courses, purpose-built for business and technology professionals


Instructor-led sessions with hands-on modules give learners a deeper understanding of the platform.

Custom training​

Custom sessions are purpose-built to meet the needs of a specific project.


Certifications for each of our products provide credentialed skills and access to ongoing learning from Zafin’s growing certified user community.