Here’s how Deal Manager can help your bank:

Relationship Managers have a 360° view of their client, the products and pricing that is already in place, and the additional products and services for which they are eligible

The Relationship Manager can model the deal, inclusive of client commitments, around prospective volumes that inform the level of pricing that meets target profitability hurdles

If the pricing is within the Relationship Manager’s delegated authority, then an offer can be presented digitally to the client

If additional approvals are required, then the deal and the justification of the pricing are presented to the relevant approver(s)

Once the offer has been agreed with the client, that digitized client arrangement is sent directly to the billing and product processors on an straight-through processing basis

That means there is absolute consistency between what was agreed with the client and what gets set up in the bank’s system—every time

Once the deal has been set up, the Relationship Manager can view the volumes and profitability and assess and action any shortfalls in the volume commitments made by the bank

The overall result is an accelerated time to market, reduced cost of creating, changing, and launching pricing propositions, and driving revenue growth, all while enhancing the customer experience


Discover how our extension can transform the way you approach your business:

Create and model client scenarios

Set and configure standard fee price lists

Link proposals to key performance metrics to drive more consistent and optimal pricing

Automatically log changes and approvals by a set of authorized users

Govern deal discounting offered by staff

Evaluate deal terms against bank policy with approval workflows

Manage current and prospective clients with individual price reviews and changes

Monitor subsequent client activity against contractual terms and policy thresholds