Borderless modernization at scale for retail and commercial customers

June 4, 2023


A Tier 1 European bank faced elevated conduct risk and total cost of ownership while being unable to achieve the desired economies of scale across its retail and commercial global footprint. Additionally, the customer experience was fragmented based on the channel and geography through which they engaged, all due to their inability to create consistency of product and pricing across their footprint.

Zafin platform enabled:

  • An enterprise product catalog that propagates to local product catalogs
  • Centralized pricing and billing platform for all products
  • Systematic application of eligibility and suitability rule
  • Real-time APIs for all channels

Resulting in:

  • Consistent and transformed customer experience across channels and geographies
  • Global product consistency
  • Replacement of legacy pricing and billing platforms with one across the footprint
  • Seamless packaging/bundling of financial and non-financial products

Key Metrics

100% conduct risk mitigation for products in catalog(s)

1 Million+ API calls per day

Multi-Country distributed capability

CAC material decrease