Core modernization and digital transformation at a Tier 1 North American bank

June 4, 2023
1 min read


A Tier 1 North American bank was looking to transform its business model by expanding its digital footprint across the US. This ambition was inhibited by the constraints imposed by legacy infrastructure. The existing core system could not address the need for real-time processing and relationship-based growth strategies. To support their plans, they recognized the need for a multi-core approach. However, it was clear that would impact their ability to create harmonized, relationship-based product and pricing strategies.

Zafin platform enabled:

  • An enterprise product catalogue that publishes information in real time across all channels and cores
  • Technology ecosystem that delivers relationship-based pricing across cores
  • Systemic control of conduct risk associated with product suitability

Resulting in:

  • Material reduction in the complexity of the legacy core
  • Lowered costs and execution risks in introducing a new core
  • More precise customer segmentation
  • Growth driven by personalized product and pricing across all channels
  • Reduced operating risk capital allocation

Key Metrics

Minutes to introduce fee waivers in response to crisis

1-day to launch a new product variant, down from nine months

Unlimited ability to segment and target the customer base