Relationship driven propositions

June 4, 2023


A Tier 1 North American Bank wanted to introduce personalized pricing for its retail customers. However, the existing core system could not support the requirements and making the changes would rely on an increasingly scarce and in-demand group of Subject Matter Experts. With the core system complexity and resource constraints, changes to pricing and propositions could exceed one year in elapsed time to market. 

Zafin platform enabled:

  • End-to-end automation of fee computations
  • Complete personalization of fee and deposit pricing
  • Scalable change-the-bank infrastructure with real-time capabilities

Resulting in:

  • Differentiated and personalized propositions
  • Compressed change management cycles
  • ​Lower operational cost through reduced complexity

Key Metrics

Implementation within five months

80% improvement in time to market for pricing/product changes

129% increase in deposit balances

70% reduction in change-the-bank costs for fees and rates