Unified pricing and billing solution for business banking and corporate customers

June 4, 2023


A Tier 1 North American bank could not price, invoice, and bill customers on a relationship basis. Meaning their customers faced issues in reconciliation and understanding their banking costs caused by the bank’s unique billing system for each underlying product family. 

Zafin platform enabled:

  • Centralized pricing and billing platform for all products
  • One customer, one invoice, one debit, all products, resulting in  streamlined reconciliation
  • Single source of downstream reporting for operations, regulatory and tax

Resulting in:

  • Transformed customer experience
  • Digitized setup and maintenance of billing arrangements
  • Reduced billing operations, inquiry and write off costs
  • Greater visibility of customer and product profitability

Key Metrics

100% digitization of negotiated pricing

100% consistency between customer agreement and billing setup

$Millions in reduced billing operations and write off costs

50% improvement in time to market for new customer arrangement