Zafin UK collaborates with Carbon Neutral Britain

July 13, 2023

In June 2023, Carbon Neutral Britain recognized Zafin UK for achieving Carbon Neutral status for the third consecutive year.   

Certified through the Woodland Fund™ and the Climate Fund™, Zafin has successfully balanced out its entire carbon footprint by investing in internationally accredited carbon offset projects. These projects have been carefully chosen for their ability to not only neutralize emissions but also have a positive global impact through contributions to education, job creation, access to clean water, and preservation of local wildlife and ecosystems.

Both certifications aim to expedite forest planting efforts and foster the growth of the domestic forest carbon market, which enables the permanent removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Here are the projects that Zafin has actively participated in:


  • Andes Mountains Hydro Power – Chile
  • Energy Efficient Lighting – India
  • Salkhit Wind Farm – Mongolia
  • The Nkhata Bay Cook Stove Project – Malawi


  • Energy Efficient Lighting – India
  • Improved Biodiversity & Mixed Reforestation – Costa Rica
  • Reforestation of Degraded Farmland – India
  • Reforestation in Southwest Australia

At Zafin, we understand the pivotal role that businesses have in shaping a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future. We are dedicated to consistently setting ambitious environmental targets in our pursuit of attaining and maintaining net-zero emissions. Our core value of caring for our employees, customers, and the world around us drives our commitment to these goals.

Founded in 2002, Zafin offers a SaaS product and pricing platform that simplifies core modernization for top banks worldwide. Our platform enables business users to work collaboratively to design and manage pricing, products, and packages, while technologists streamline core banking systems.  

With Zafin, banks accelerate time to market for new products and offers while lowering the cost of change and achieving tangible business and risk outcomes. The Zafin platform increases business agility while enabling personalized pricing and dynamic responses to evolving customer and market needs.    

Zafin is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with offices and customers around the globe including ING, CIBC, HSBC, Wells Fargo, PNC, and ANZ.