Partnership benefits

Together FIS and Zafin eliminate the complexity of launching new propositions in market thereby reducing testing time, security and validation controls. 

Zafin enables banks to address multi-core needs due to M&A activity, and neo-stacks for testing new in-market propositions

The platform connects into multiple FIS cores and can create a combination of propositions – e.g. a combination of a checking account from one core and a credit card on a different core.


Zafin extends the life of current core(s), enabling continuous innovation while assessing future needs

Enterprise Foundation Assets

Graphic depicting how FIS utilizing its Systematics Profile or Modern Banking Platform cores in combination with Zafin’s Enterprise Product and Pricing platform – made up of pricing and billing and product catalog solutions work within a bank’s technology stack and integrate seamlessly alongside an enterprise customer platform (CRM), common APIs and an orchestration framework to eliminate the complexity of launching new propositions in market. Through this combination of technologies banks are able to better serve customers regardless of the way they like to bank (digitally, via phone, ATM, direct with a teller as examples). The combination of these technologies enables banks to improve reporting and data analytics capabilities, reduce risk, fraud and ensure compliance adherence and improve corporate business operations and functions.

Externalize or extend product and pricing

  • Enterprise product and pricing supports all products and businesses
  • Prioritize products for suitability, eligibility, and pricing centrally
  • Create customer-centric product offers that cross asset classes and business lines
  • Create auditability and transparency for all products and how they are priced centrally
  • Control product and pricing changes centrally