Banks recognize the need for core modernization. But risk, expense and timelines are all deterrents.

What if there were a better way to modernize your core?

Zafin’s core modernization solution offers the following benefits:

Cash back

Rapid payback


More rewards with fewer risks

Trusted advisor

Upgrade your experience not just your infrastructure

Product systems

A systems project that centers customers

Discover the better way to modernize.


Simplify your core first

  • Externalize product and pricing from core systems
  • Reduce reliance on legacy technology
  • Modernize progressively, delivering value in every release

Reduce risk for one of banking’s riskiest projects

  • Modernize progressively in manageable phases
  • Define and deliver interim wins
  • Decrease reliance on legacy cores

Deliver new customer experiences and economic benefits in six months or less

  • Increase product and pricing agility in the first phase of your program
  • Bring new propositions to market while modernizing
  • Define interim goals with measurable business benefits throughout the project

Zafin’s Core Modernization solution simplifies your core, de-risks your modernization program and delivers rapid payback.

Follow a proven path to near-term ROI.

Solution Components

Product and Pricing Repository

Externalize products and pricing from core systems

Product Lifecycle Management

Ensure consistent product governance across the bank

Customer Relationship 360

Comprehensive actionable summary of relationship details

Relationship Rates and Fees

Calculate and execute rates and fees consistently and automatically

Relationship Rewards

Calculate rewards consistently, automatically and accurately

Scalable Process Execution

Consistent, automated execution of all pricing processes

Transparency Data

Enable clear and timely explanations of fees, rates and benefits

Security, Service and Audit

Complete traceability for rates, fees and other benefits

Meaningful Metrics

Tools to monitor and measure the success of your pricing programs

What are you waiting for?