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Separate product and pricing functionality from core systems to reduce risk for one of banking’s riskiest projects

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Material reduction in the complexity of the legacy core

Externalizing product definitions, segmentation from core banking systems and into the Product Catalog reduces the number of products supported as well as the manual intensity of maintenance

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Lowered costs and execution risks in introducing a new core

With product definitions and segmentation defined within the Product Catalog, the design and features of the new core narrow the scope of the implementation and accelerate the time to value

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More precise customer segmentation

Within the Product Catalog, products and packages can be directed at granular segments, optimizing client experience and adoption

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Growth driven by personalized product and pricing across all channels

Fit for purpose products and packages defined within the Product Catalog can be published across the bank ecosystem enabling granular go-to-market strategies

Reduced operating risk capital allocation

Defining eligibility and suitability criteria in the Product Catalog and integrating with channels and Deal Manager prevents mis-selling

Self-funded core replacement

Initial MVPs integrating Product Catalog with Rates & Fees deliver material business outcomes while also initiating core transformation

Unlimited product and pricing flexibility without compromising control

Product Catalog’s native extensible data model gives business users the flexibility to design and maintain the go-to-market models that work for their customers and prospects

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Reduced total costs of ownership for core banking systems

Externalizing product definitions, segmentation from Core Banking systems and into the Product Catalog reduces the number of products supported and lowers total cost of ownership of core banking

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