The Zafin platform unifies product silos and bridges channels.


Our enterprise-wide solution allows product managers to define and deliver product, pricing and offer strategies that are market-responsive and customer-centric. Zafin’s strategy for re-architecting a bank’s tech stacks seems simple: creating a separate layer, externalized from the core, for product and pricing. Yet our impact on banks’ go-to-market capabilities is profound.

Benefits include:

Our benefits

Enabling customer-centricity

Empowering employees to sell with confidence and impact

Ensuring complete consistency between what’s disclosed and delivered

Dramatically decreasing timelines and resources for bringing new product, pricing and offer strategies to market

Increasing transparency into what was charged (or earned) and why, for sales, service, audit and regulatory purposes

Giving business leaders the flexibility to implement go-to-market strategies that were never before possible

Zafin’s easy-to-use configuration interface allows banks to deploy bespoke products, offers, packages and experiences without touching underlying code. New configurations are simple business processes, designed and tested without tapping IT resources.

Use Zafin’s platform to externalize your bank’s product definitions and pricing rules without disrupting current customers’ experience.

During externalization, each customer’s product and transaction history is maintained for service continuity, regulatory accuracy, and more.