Zafin announces Michael Nitsopoulos as Chief Product Officer

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Gain a deeper understanding of the banking product landscape

Use product details such as rates, fees, and features from banking products across the industry, to drive actionable insights for your analysts and product teams 

Build and maintain competitive products with comprehensive product market data
Identify opportunities to optimizing product profitability and maximize your strategic advantage
Stay ahead of the competition by responding sooner with near real-time product data

Analyze market trends and proactively implement product updates for sustained success 


Discover how PPI can transform the way you approach building and updating your product propositions:

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Access a user-friendly index powered by streamlined global banking data, effortlessly bringing the world’s product and pricing landscape to your fingertips for unparalleled convenience

Harness the power of Zafin Copilot to empower users in integrating and
comprehending data via natural language queries, revealing insights,
and facilitating actionable steps

Extract insights from the evolving trends in the packaging of features, pricing, fees, and rates across multiple products over time, providing a comprehensive understanding of dynamic market shifts
Bring together offerings from various institutions in one convenient place for easy, standardized comparison of banking products