Multi-product offers

With the ability to define and launch personalized packages outside of the core, banks can reinforce the depth of their value chain and differentiate from competitors.


Use iterate and execute

Enable business users to create and change multi-product offers and rewards quickly and easily.


Incentivize desired client behaviour to drive new client acquisition and product penetration with existing clients.


Drive deposit growth, net new money, higher transaction volumes, primary banking relationships and more.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Ensure contractual compliance by enhancing governance, tracking and control of offer eligibility and terms.

Market responsive

Accelerate time to market by as much as 70% and reduce the cost of creating, changing and launching multi-product offers.


Get up and running quickly and reduce TCO with a rapid, out-of-the-box SaaS deployment on the cloud using Microsoft Azure.

Offer design and governance made easy

Leverage a wide range of definitions, eligibility criteria and reward options for compelling multi-product offers. A comprehensive system of record for computing client benefits helps substantiate the basis of offers and packages for regulators and clients.




  • Design unique multi-product offers for specific microsegments.
  • Configure eligibility rules, conditions, limitations and benefits for each offer.
  • Create a rules-based governance framework to track benefits against required conditions.
  • Assign the applicable benefit automatically.
  • Changes and approvals by a set of authorized users are automatically logged.



  • Design one-time or recurring rewards based on bonus interest, tiered rewards, loyalty points, cash back and more.
  • Increase transparency and automate governance and fulfillment of rewards in relation to defined conditions.
  • Monitor and manage exceptions.
  • Define reward parameters in defined periods.