An end-to-end, automated deal execution platform

Automate manual processes and reduce the risk of errors for standard deal-related business processes, such as client repricing.


Use iterate and execute

Enable business users to create and change client-specific deals quickly and easily.


Plug revenue leakage by automatically monitoring pricing arrangements against key performance metrics.


Make it impossible to propose an unprofitable deal, with pricing linked to required internal performance metrics.

Deal manager

Construct a deal in as little as 10 minutes, streamlining a process that typically takes hours or even days.

Market responsive

Accelerate time to market by as much as 70% and reduce the cost of creating, changing and launching multi-product offers.


Get up and running quickly and reduce TCO with a rapid, out-of-the-box SaaS deployment on the cloud using Microsoft Azure.

Enhanced deal governance

Model deal scenarios, obtain required approvals and monitor deal performance against internal benchmarks to ensure policy conformance.


Deal manager

Deal Creation

  • Create and model client scenarios.
  • Set and configure standard fee price lists.
  • Link proposals to key performance metrics to drive more consistent and optimal pricing.
  • Product templates with predefined charge codes.
  • Changes and approvals by a set of authorized users are automatically logged.

User monitoring

Deal Execution and Monitoring

  • Govern fee waivers and discounts offered by staff.
  • Evaluate deal terms against bank policy with approval workflows.
  • Manage current and prospective clients with individual price reviews and changes.
  • Monitor subsequent client activity against contractual terms and policy thresholds.