One size no longer fits all

As competition in the banking market intensifies, banks can no longer win with undifferentiated products. Customers have come to expect transparent, personalized experiences, but frontline employees are simply not equipped to serve customers effectively. As legacy systems constrain banks’ ability to compete and serve, the impact to the bottom line is tangible.



Grow revenue and relationships with relevant, personalized offerings.

Distribution systems

Deliver micro-segmented offers, multi-product packages and relationship benefits at speed.

Employee enablement

Give business users control to implement new products quickly and efficiently, with minimal IT support required.

Customer centric

Enhance the customer experience with transparent access to rates, fees and other benefits.


Provide immediate explanations to the “why” behind a charge or reward.

Customer information systems

Enable bank employees to better serve customers with one-click access to essential customer data, including a comprehensive view of customer relationships.

Product systems

Ensure consistency across channels.


Accelerate the implementation of Zafin’s out-of-the-box solution.

Seamlessly integrated within your technology environment

Zafin Pricing for Salesforce is a pre-built integration between Zafin’s product and pricing solutions and your bank’s Salesforce organization.



  • Integrate the full range of retail banking products, including checking, money market, CDs, mortgages, personal loans and lines, cards and more.
  • View all accounts and offers which a customer is eligible for or enrolled in.
  • Understand offers at a detailed level.

  • Instantly access all charges on customer’s account.
  • View all fees on any account at a detailed level.
  • Research all available products, including suitability criteria.
  • Fully compatible with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Financial Services Cloud