Democratize data

Break down silos and democratize your data, empowering teams with a comprehensive customer view for business intelligence, analytics, and data product creation

Access industry aligned data sets

Leverage Zafin’s BIAN-aligned data sets for data integration, reporting and model development. Go further to model metrics that can be exposed as aggregates via data APIs for use across channel applications

Rapidly create data products

Innovate faster by easily creating data products that can be used to make informed decisions, solve problems, or support various business needs  

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How we do it

Unlock the power of your first-party data


Zafin IO data pipelines

Ingest data into the data fabric through Zafin IO, supporting both streaming and batch ingestion methods

Transform layer

Conduct data transformation on raw data from various cores and pricing execution data from Zafin’s pricing engine. Transform data into user-friendly datasets, encompassing data quality testing and lineage tracking for data entering the data fabric

Semantics layer 

Utilize the semantic layer to model metrics, aggregating data from both the bank’s information and pricing execution data

Data APIs

Expose data through standard APIs, offering an API for serving aggregated metric data and GraphQL-based data access APIs for performant and flexible access to the curated datasets

Data stores

Leverage data stores to serve operational and analytical workloads and enable multiple data usage patterns including data transformation and high-concurrency data serving

Democratize data

Simplify querying, unite data representation, and foster consistent collaboration with the semantic layer

Simplified data querying

Streamline data access with the banking semantic layer, offering a business-oriented interface to define metrics and standard APIs to access metric-related data. Developers can obtain near real-time data without the need for complex SQL queries or understanding underlying data structures

Unified data representation

Leverage the semantic layer to serve as a translation bridge, harmonizing data from diverse sources into common, comprehensible metrics. This fosters collaboration by ensuring that marketing, product, and operations can interpret and define metrics consistently
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Access industry aligned data sets

Enhance integration and compliance with BIAN-aligned, standardized, and unified data models, empowering valuable customer propositions

Agreement | Agreement Relationship | Account Relationship

Enhanced interoperability  

Streamline integration and interoperability in a multi-core environment with a BIAN-aligned data model. This standard model enhances the efficient exchange of data across various functions and lines of business

Accelerated innovation 

Implement a standardized data model to create a common language and structure for the banking industry. This accelerates product development by enabling new methods of bundling products and creating relationship-centric propositions

Regulatory compliance 

Establish a unified data model to enhance data reporting and achieve effective regulatory compliance. This alignment ensures the availability and consistent definition of necessary data, facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements and effective risk monitoring

Rapidly create data products

Uncover customer insights and enhance experiences with personalized data products built on near real-time data

Comprehensive customer insights

Access customer, product, and transaction data in the data fabric for a clear view of customer behaviour. Leverage this rich data source to delve into customer insights, making it easier to develop personalized data products tailored to specific segments

Near real-time data access  

Take advantage of near real-time data, available via APIs, to develop data products providing customers with timely information, thus enhancing their experience. This may include interactive transaction views by spend category or alerts for exceeding spend thresholds
1    {
2       "account_id" : "9a4813f5-7894-4d7c-ae78-0cd8b2cf8691",
3       "metric_id" : "5f0d9e87-2e21-4f1c-b25e-37e4e465e901",
4       "metric_name" : "Sum of daily value of eligible transactions",
5       "window_size" : "day",
6       "starting_on" : "2023-10-01T00:00:00Z",
7       "ending_before" : "2023-10-21T00:00:00Z",
8       "data" : [
9      {
10         "starting_on" : "2023-10-01T00:00:00Z",
11         "ending_before" : "2023-10-02T00:00:00Z",
12         "value" : "100"
13      },
14      {
15         "starting_on" : "2023-10-02T00:00:00Z",
16         "ending_before" : "2023-10-03T00:00:00Z",
17         "value" : "75"
18      },
19      {
20         "starting_on" : "2023-10-03T00:00:00Z",
21         "ending_before" : "2023-10-04T00:00:00Z",
22         "value" : "0"
23      },