Maximize benefits for the customer and your bank

Conditional Price
Personalize product selection and pricing

With Rates & Fees, you can define and align product and propositions based upon an array of customer attributes

Target Shield
Extended customer lifetime value

Align products and pricing to customers’ life journey using Product Catalog and Rates & Fees

Money Tracking
Timely growth in well priced deposits

With Rates & Fees, you can personalize rates based on any combination of customer attributes and adjust pricing dynamically based upon prevailing market conditions

Banking Benefits
Increased net interest income and net interest margin forecasting precision

Using Rates & Fees capabilities in combination with Analytics, define lead/lag strategies that respond dynamically to market movements

Reduce Cost
Lower conduct risk exposure

Using Product Catalog, define suitability and eligibility criteria to prevent mis-selling

Document Swap
Sustainable growth within target markets

Define and fulfil cross product offers designed to incentivize customer behaviours based upon their demographics

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Enterprise Product Catalog

Centralize and distribute product information within and outside the financial institution

Core Modernization

Simplify and accelerate banking modernization and digital transformation journeys

Quote to Cash

Transform transaction banking