Zafin is the global leader in SaaS product, pricing, billing and offer management solutions for banks.

Zafin’s single, enterprise-wide platform builds relationships, increases operating efficiency, ensures regulatory compliance and accelerates digital transformation across all lines of business for banks worldwide.

How It Works



For banks weighing their options around core modernization, the Zafin platform represents a low risk, high reward approach to greater agility and efficiency.

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Top-5 Reasons to Choose Zafin


Respond to customer needs and competitive challenges at speed with highly differentiated products, pricing and offers. Laser-focus your growth strategies with market-leading micro-segmentation and personalization capabilities.


No matter what core systems you use, bring new customer-centric value propositions to market across all channels faster than ever before. The Zafin platform is easily and infinitely configurable.


Enable your employees to sell and serve with all the information they need to deliver a first-class customer experience. And, for every product and offer you deploy, create a comprehensive, accurate audit trail automatically.

efficient banking solutions


Give your CFO reason to smile. Reduce time and costs associated with new product and offer deployments by 50% or more.


Go live in as little as eight weeks and scale across use-cases, products and business lines based on your institution’s needs, objectives and priorities.


From implementation to integration and ongoing learning, Zafin empowers your team and enables your bank to deliver innovative experiences that improve the lives of your customers and employees.


Eight steps to success, powered by pre-built templates and comprehensive checklists

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Customer Success

Ensuring you derive maximum value from your Zafin solution

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Zafin University

Educating and enabling customers, partners and independent professionals to tap the full power of Zafin’s platform

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Pre-built integrations make implementation fast and easy, unlocking access to the full bank ecosystem

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Experience Zafin’s Breadth and Vision

Our product line is robust and versatile. Security is an entrenched core competency. And, we are both cloud-native and cloud-agnostic.


Catalyze innovation and fuel customer-centricity with Zafin’s product suite.

Each module is designed to ensure consistency, efficiency and transparency for your mission-critical product and pricing initiatives.


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No industry is more committed to data security and integrity, risk mitigation and control than financial services.

This is why Zafin has implemented a comprehensive program of processes and technologies designed to optimize transparency and governance, user monitoring and auditability for each Zafin SaaS instance.

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Banks’ monolithic legacy cores can no longer support the business imperative to stay ahead of today’s swift-moving, customer-centric and highly competitive marketplace.

Zafin SaaS is the best way to keep pace with a rapidly changing market and even more rapidly changing customer expectations.

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