Zafin announces Michael Nitsopoulos as Chief Product Officer

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Partnership benefits

DXC Hogan External Pricing (HEP) Connector
As a long-term systems Integrator and implementor of Zafin for the Hogan platform, DXC has developed the “Hogan External Pricing (HEP) Connector” to operate with Zafin. This HEP connector is bi-directional and will allow a bank to quickly implement and deploy Zafin’s Product and Pricing platform for specific use cases.
Zafin will receive the complete details of transactions on an account as part of a Hogan nightly batch. A bank has 3 options to process fees/service charges in the statement cycle:
  1. Hogan nightly batch waits for Zafin to complete its processing and then process the fees and service charges before completing a statement cycle to accommodate fees/service charges in the same month statement.
  2. Do a clean statement process by executing backdated accrual adjustments.
  3. Complete the batch process. Receive Zafin’s transactions and process those on the first day of the next month as the first transactions. Transactions will appear as the first transactions in next month’s statement.