Understanding your bank’s unique market position, customer composition, business objectives and company culture is fundamental to ensuring you derive maximum value from your Zafin solution. Our relationship-focused customer success managers are pro-active. They anticipate challenges and opportunities, often before they arise. As a result, they are equipped with answers and solutions when you need them—if not before. A Zafin Customer Success professional will begin to engage with you prior to and during project implementation and remain in place as your trusted advisor even after launch.





Every client has a Customer Success Manager responsible for

Trusted Advisor (People Talking)

Serving as your trusted advisor

Seamless Support (Person With Headset)

Providing seamless support before, during and after launch

Advance Goals (Tower With Flags)

Understanding and advancing business and technology goals associated with your Zafin solution

Continuous Learning (Book With Circle)

Promoting continuous learning, so your organization understands what Zafin can do for you

Collaborative Relationship (Two People)

Establishing a collaborative relationship characterized by free-flowing communication

Success (Trophy)

Ensuring your bank’s success