Delight your customers

Bring product, pricing, packaging and offer strategies to market with ease and at speed, responding to the needs, wants and preference of customers at any level of micro-segmentation, down to a segment of one.



Enable business users to create and change rates and fees at speed.

Half the time

Cut time to market in half and reduce costs for creating, changing and launching new pricing strategies.

Customer centric

Center your customers with micro-segmented product and pricing strategies, down to a segment of one.

Transparency and governance

Increase transparency so your customers know what they were paid or charged, and why.

Use case

Lay the foundation for using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to turbo-charge your product and pricing disciplines.


Increase speed and agility so you can bring relevant and compelling product, pricing and packaging strategies to market at speed.



Fees Management

  • Configure standard fees, calculations and rules.
  • Differentiate fees with configurable attributes.
  • Configure fee waivers.
  • Configure fee discounts, rebates and reversals.
  • Enable fee transparency.
  • Recommend fee reversal decisions.


Rates Management

  • Manage deposit and lending rates.
  • Differentiate rates with configurable attributes.
  • Configure base rates and rate offsets.
  • Configure rate validation rules.
  • Determine the right rate for the client.
  • Configure rate exceptions and overrides.



Offers Management

  • Design unique cross-product conditional offers.
  • Set eligibility rules, conditions and benefits.
  • Track client behaviors against offer conditions.
  • Pay applicable offer benefits, automatically.
  • Create a comprehensive, accurate audit trail for service and compliance purposes.