Demo Overview

Product and Pricing Use Cases

Discover how Zafin and IBM Z help financial institutions strategically modernize banking systems and provide clients with competitive options for product and pricing to support progressive modernization.

In this demo overview, we cover three specific banking product pricing use cases and how they enable agility from real-time information flow between core systems via a digital integration hub. The product and pricing management capabilities are provided by Zafin and the integration with core systems information is achieved via the IBM Z Digital Integration Hub.

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Banks Harness the Power and Expertise of Zafin and IBM

Zafin is an IBM Business PartnerZafin and IBM work alongside banks to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Leading innovators in the market, the two companies deliver extensive expertise to financial institutions to turbocharge the effectiveness of their systems and technology.

Working with IBM, Zafin offers cutting-edge capabilities through its product and pricing platform that:

  • Boost revenue, surface 360-degree customer data, address revenue leakage and provide flexibility for pricing across segments and geographies.
  • Increase efficiency by simplifying product and pricing management with fewer IT resources.
  • Improve customer experiences through personalization and relationship pricing.
  • Grow deeper customer relationships across product lines to instill loyalty.
  • Become more agile to respond to market pressures, competitive advances and economic trends.

Zafin’s platform externalizes product and pricing into a separate integration layer that sits on top of the legacy core, whether it lives on-prem, on IBM Z or in the cloud or a hybrid. By moving product and pricing functions from the existing, monolithic core system to Zafin, banks are empowered to:

  • Launch new, innovative products and pricing more quickly, in months, not years.
  • Capture a 360-degree of customer data. With it they can build personalized customer journeys that are relevant and help clients move towards greater financial wellness.
  • Provide a single source of product and pricing truth for frontline staff. Armed with easily accessible product and pricing information, customers are proactively matched with the most suitable and beneficial offerings.
  • Streamline product information into a single centralized hub. Compliance and regulatory reporting is simplified.

Zafin and IBM help financial institutions move forward on their modernization journeys so they can better meet customer demands for frictionless, hyper-personalized experiences.


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