Automate execution of corporate and commercial pricing arrangements, from quote to cash.

Benefits to your bank include:

Reduce revenue leakage

Growth (Bar Graph With Upward Arrow)

Execute complex pricing and billing automatically

Efficiency (Gear With Circle Arrows)

Straight-through processing from quote to cash

Product Systems (Gears In Webpages)

Answer customer questions with ease and at speed

Trusted Advisor (People Talking)

Equip RMs with actionable customer insights

Seamless Support (Person With Headset)

Automate workflows for exception pricing

Host To Host (Two Computers In A Circle)

Global Transaction Banking: The Case for Accelerated Change  


Shifts in technology, client expectations and market participation are causing fundamental change to the transaction business. Now, banks must pivot their revenue model to foster sustainable growth. Our guide will help you understand how to establish efficiency, build better customer relationships and drive growth in your transaction banking business.



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Zafin’s Quote-to-Cash solution empowers relationship managers, reduces manual processes and builds trust with your most valued customers.


Empower relationship managers with information and insights to sell and serve.

  • 360-degree customer view
  • Profitability and financial metrics
  • The “why” behind rates and fees

Automate previously manual processes, including:

  • Initiating client arrangements
  • Governing pricing exceptions
  • Executing pricing and billing

Build trusting relationships with customers through:

  • Increased visibility
  • Enhanced insights
  • Seamless execution

Zafin’s Quote-to-Cash solution digitizes and automates much of the value chain from sales to service for corporate and commercial customers.

Improved sightlines power trusting customer relationships that last.

Simplifying the Banking Experience  

Discover how we are enabling financial institutions to simplify the banking experience by automating pricing and billing activities for corporate clients. 


Watch this video by Financial IT, featuring Zafin’s Thomas Schickler to learn how our Quote-to-Cash solution can reduce revenue leakage and decrease the cost of your billing operations.

Solution Components

Relationship Record

Build Relationships (Handshake)

Comprehensive actionable summary of relationship details

Relationship Governance


Enhanced pricing governance


Zafin Billing (Circle With Person And Money)

Consolidate and simplify billing systems and processes

Deal Manager

Deal Manager (Screen With Webpage On It)

Ensure consistently profitable pricing negotiations

Digitized Arrangements

Database Backups (Data And Clouds)

Automate execution and reduce manual processes

Account Analysis

Account Analysis

Calculate ECRs, use balances to offset fees, and produce accurate bills

Transparency Data

Transparency (Venn Diagram)

Enable clear and timely explanations of fees and rates

Security, Service and Audit


Complete traceability for rates, fees and other benefits

Meaningful Metrics

Finance (Bar Chart On Projector)

Tools to monitor and measure the success of your pricing programs

Automate to Plug Revenue Leakage  

Watch this video by Fintech Finance News, featuring Zafin’s John Mason to learn how to define pricing and customer behaviours to enable banks to scale at volume.