Do you worry about:

Untapped customer profitability? Customers shopping around? Relationship claims that over-promise and under-deliver?

Discover true customer relationship pricing.

Zafin's relationship pricing solution offers the following benefits

Enhanced customer experience

Offers And Rewards (Person In A Ribbon)

Increased customer profitability

Growth (Bar Graph With Upward Arrow)

Meaningful competitive differentiation

Success (Trophy)

True relationship pricing

Relationship Pricing (Hands In Circle)

Customer loyalty and preference

Customer Centric (Woman In Circle)

Consistent automated execution

Efficiency (Gear With Circle Arrows)

Center your customers and grow your bank with true relationship pricing.


Externalize product and pricing from core systems

  • Create a unified 360-degree customer view
  • Gain visibility into customers’ full holdings, balances and banking behaviors
  • Increase product and pricing flexibility, transparency and consistency

Engage customers with personalized offers & relationship packages

  • Leverage enterprise-wide cross-product pricing capabilities for building relationship packages and bundles
  • Externalize offer creation, and monitoring from legacy systems enabling greater flexibility and speed
  • Build dynamic customer segments and explore their behavior over time
  • Define motivating rate, fee and reward strategies

Execute flawlessly

  • Use automation and flexible API’s to launch and distribute personalized offers
  • Configure offers in minutes and launch in weeks with a no-code offer builder
  • Engage customers with personalized offer progress updates and nudges to achieve milestones

Zafin’s Relationship Pricing solution takes customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention and profitability to new heights.

Follow a proven path to better customer experiences and bigger profits.



Solution Components

Customer Relationship 360

Build Relationships (Handshake)

Comprehensive actionable summary of relationship details

Relationship Rates, Fees, Offers and Rewards

Rates and Fees

Have the freedom to calculate and execute rates, fees, offers and rewards at speeds that go beyond traditional banking packages

Scalable Process Execution


Consistent, automated execution of all pricing processes

Transparency Data

Transparency (Venn Diagram)

Enable clear and timely explanations of fees, rates and benefits

Security, Service and Audit


Complete traceability for rates, fees and other benefits

Meaningful Metrics

Finance (Bar Chart On Projector)

Tools to monitor and measure the success of your pricing programs